Pecorino d’Abruzzo

Characteristics of the vine

Is an ancient abruzzese marchigiana grape variety, cultivated in the Middle Adriatic coast.

Ampelographic characteristics: bud at the apex, bristly, yellowish-green. Small leaf, orbicular, entire or three-lobed with petiole sinus lira shaped closed with many overlapping edges. Bullous flap, glabrous underside. Bunch medium-small, cylindrical, sometimes with a wing, semispargolo. Medium berry-small, spherical, with a thin skin of medium consistency; juicy pulp. Cultural attitudes: vine vigor low-mid with semi-erect bearing of vegetation. It adapts well to warm-temperate climates and clayey soils slightly calcareous.

Training and pruning: prefer forms of farming expanded and pruning medium-long but can be conducted even cordon, especially using the VCR clone 417.

Time of bud burst: average

Ripening: early.

Production: average and not always constant.

Susceptibility to disease and adversity: in general is not very sensitive either diseases and adversities.

Oenological potential: light straw yellow wine, of high acidity, fruity aroma, fresh and spicy notes. Good structure. You can also get excellent aged wines and even sparkling wines of unquestionable quality.

Pecorino d'Abruzzo