Characteristics of the vine

Ampelographic characteristics: bud with apex, cottony, green edges. Medium pentagonal leaf, lobed. Petiole sinus with overlapping lobes. Velvety underside. Very pronounced teeth. Big bunch, squat, pyramidal or conical, winged, medium compact. Berry, spherical with waxy, thick and consistent peel, with apparent navel. Juicy pulp to neutral flavour.

Cultural attitudes: vigorous vine with semi-erect bearing of vegetation that adapts to different pedoclimatic environments.

Training and pruning: it prefers long and rich pruning.

Time of bud burst: mid-late.

Ripening: long.

Production: high and constant.

Susceptibility to disease and adversity: it is less susceptible to disease and adversity. Shuns spring chills thanks to late blooming.