Coming from an area particularly suited to winemaking and at an ideal altitude and with a magnificent temperature range, from vines over thirty years old, magnificently exposed and trained in Tendon and Guyot.

Maceration takes place in thermo-conditioned steel vats, followed by malolactic fermentation and maturation of at least 3 months in cement tanks before being bottled in the total absence of oxygen.


Wine Tasting

Elegant, pleasant, and fruity at the same time. Fine and intense, with soft tannins and an enveloping and persistent bouquet.



A magnificent Pinot Grigio, obtained from a harvest in the third ten days of August, is rigorously manual, which guarantees the maximum respect for the surrounding environment.

A white wine vinification, carried out exclusively in thermo-conditioned steel vats, followed by 6 months of refinement, also in steel vats, and then bottling in the total absence of oxygen.

How to match
1967 Merlot

Serve it at 12°-14° possibly in a large glass and always uncork it a few minutes before serving so that it can open up well and express itself at its best.

Excellent for many occasions, it is the typical red wine that can be appreciated not only on cold winter days but also in summer too.

It is perfect with aperitifs, appetizers, savory food, vegetarian dishes, white and red meats, and fresh and medium-aged cheeses.

Characteristics of vine

Merlot is an international red grape variety whose origins lie in neighboring and influential France, particularly in the New Aquitaine area in the southwest of the country, in the Gironde department, a few kilometers from Bordeaux and the Atlantic Ocean.

In its area of origin, in Pomerol, but also here in Italy, in Tuscany, in the Bolgheri area, in the Val di Cornia and Cortona, or even in the Colli Orientali del Friuli, extraordinary wines have been created. They certainly do not deserve the generalization that has sometimes labeled it as excessively versatile and accommodating, trivializing the incredible finesse and elegance it has shown in some cases.